Welcome to our world of artisan mixology. In here you will find our small range of handcrafted, non-alcoholic blends designed to help you create fabulous cocktails with or without the alcohol.

No-one will feel left out when you bring the Barncrofts!




autumn is here and that means our Victoriana blend is back!

Victoriana - A blend of Plum, Ginger and Clove

Our exquisite blend of Plum, Ginger & Clove is patiently crafted to infuse all the natural colours and spices, creating a delicious symphony of autumnal flavours.

A Victoriana cocktail is like a warm embrace in a glass. This delicious blend is the perfect drink to share with your guests as you welcome them in from the cold. Unlike a traditional mulled wine or cider you can create a Victoriana with or without alcohol, meaning everyone can experience the embrace and no-one feels left out.

This is a truly versatile blend that can create more than just a Victoriana. Follow this link to see more cocktail ideas and how to make a non-alcoholic version.

With this 500ml bottle you can create 10 servings by following the method below.

Recipe for one Victoriana cocktail:

50ml Victoriana blend

50ml Brandy

100ml boiling water

If you are making more than one drink just multiply the above volumes by the number of drinks you wish to make and gently warm all the ingredients in a pan.

Delivery to UK mainland only.

**Contains NO alcohol**

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G & B - A blend of Grapefruit & Basil

If you like citrus flavours and Italian food then you will love this blend. We designed it to go with Vodka to create a cocktail with a sharpness that wakes up your taste buds before charming them with a beautiful flavour of Italy.

If you love Prosecco* then this blend also works very well with fizz to create an aperitif to accompany your antipasto.

This large bottle will create 10 drinks following the method below

How to make a G&B

Fill a tall glass or tumbler with ice

Add 50ml of Vodka

Add 50ml of your G&B blend

Top up with soda water and enjoy

Add a few fresh basil leaves to garnish if you have them

*If you want to enjoy it with your Prosecco just add 25ml to your flute then top with your fizz

**Contains NO alcohol**

Delivery to UK mainland only

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Mayfair - A blend of Blueberry & Lemon

Each large bottle contains over 150 blueberries to create a blend that is packed full of summer flavours designed to pair perfectly with gin. There are so many berries in here that you could say this blend is full of itself!!

We love using real bluberries instead of ‘natural’ flavourings to create this blend because the depth of colour created by the real fruit is incredible, not to mention the taste is super fresh.

With this bottle you can create 10 drinks following the method below

How to create a Mayfair

Fill a tumbler glass with ice

Add 50ml of Gin

Add 50ml of our Mayfair blend

Top up with soda water and garnish with a slice of cucumber

**Contains NO alcohol**

Delivery to UK mainland only

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blended for hours by us, so you can make a cocktail in seconds


With exception of our Champagne cocktails all our drinks are designed to have a 50ml (double) measure of alcohol. If you prefer a slightly weaker drink then just add a 25ml (single) measure or enjoy it as a mocktail, either way they will still taste great.

Enjoy your drinks and please drink responsibly