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At Barncrofts of London we see ourselves as artisan mixologists, handcrafting a range of unique drinks designed to go with or without alcohol to create cocktails in seconds.

When creating our blends we decided to follow our curiosity and challenge our creativity. We didn’t want to just make the common flavours or cocktails, we wanted to have fun and play around with combinations that intrigued us and matched the seasons. The resulting flavours were beautiful, fresh and versa-tail. Perfect!

We have designed each flavour to be paired with its ideal spirit using a simple 50/50 ratio, making them simple to use.

Quality and simplicity of use are two of our core values and we pride ourselves on using only fresh fruits, herbs and spices to capture the rich, natural and true flavours of nature… not to mention the stunning colours. 


A brief history

Founded by a man who took his passion for interesting drinks, mixed it with a large measure of enthusiasm and created a premium brand that would challenge tradition, promote innovation and make cocktail making easy for the non-mixolgists.

It all began when Matt, founder & director, tasted a rather disappointing pre-mixed Mojito mixer from the supermarket some years back. So artificial was the flavour that he set about creating his own version, one that would be made using real mint and fresh limes instead of flavourings and colourings. His first batch wasn't that great, in fact it was so poor it just tasted like sweet water. Not to worry though. As with all creations it was practice and perseverance that meant he finally got the balance right. His small kitchen then became a place to experiment and express his creativity. Ideas for flavours would pop into his head and then many hours, days or weeks would be spent trying to create a recipe that meant the blend would pair perfectly with a spirit and follow a simple 50/50 method.