Mayfair - A blend of Blueberry & Lemon

Mayfair - A blend of Blueberry & Lemon


Each large bottle contains over 150 blueberries to create a blend that is packed full of summer flavours designed to pair perfectly with gin. There are so many berries in here that you could say this blend is full of itself!!

We love using real bluberries instead of ‘natural’ flavourings to create this blend because the depth of colour created by the real fruit is incredible, not to mention the taste is super fresh.

With this bottle you can create 10 drinks following the method below

How to create a Mayfair

Fill a tumbler glass with ice

Add 50ml of Gin

Add 50ml of our Mayfair blend

Top up with soda water and garnish with a slice of cucumber

**Contains NO alcohol**

Delivery to UK mainland only

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